Route Map of Blenheim Express

Blenheim Express

An exhilarating helicopter experience

From £89 per seat

Or exclusive use available

10 minutes
Route Map of Oxford Spires Sightseeing Tours

Oxford Spires Sightseeing Tours

The ultimate way to see Oxford from the air

From £150 per person

Or exclusive use available

20 minutes
Route Map of Shakespeare Voyager

Shakespeare Voyager

The helicopter sightseeing experience of a lifetime, including Shakespeare's Stratford upon Avon

From £1,400

Private use only

40 minutes

The best tours from Oxford

We are proud to offer the best helicopter tours from Oxford London Airport. Whether you want to see Oxfordshire countryside or wish to take an extended aerial trip over Stratford upon Avon and Warwickshre, the choice is yours with a sightseeing experience like no other

Frequently asked questions

Is there a low demand policy?

Flights are subject to a minimum number of seats being sold on any given day

In the event of low demand for your selected flight, we will attempt to contact you a minimum of 24 hours before departure, via the contact information given at time of booking

We will offer you the option of either re-scheduling your flight date & time or purchasing additional seats up to the minimum required to make the flight financially viable

Are there any age and weight restrictions?

All aircraft are subject to weight & balance limitations, both for individual passenger weights and the combined weight of all passengers flying

The individual seat limit is 110kg (17 stone), if anyone in your group is above this weight you will need to purchase an additional seat unless you have purchased an exclusive use flight and do not intend to fill all the seats

Additionally, there is a maximum group weight of 500kg, if your total group weight exceeds this, we may have to ask you to reduce passenger numbers to bring the flight inside this restriction

Children under the age of four are not permitted to fly with us. Additionally, there is a minimum passenger weight limit of 15 kg. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult

Should you wish to discuss any other these items, please call us on 01865 415 777

Are there any health restrictions that might prevent me from flying?

There are certain health restrictions which may prevent you from flying, these include; Limited Mobility, Epilepsy, Heart Conditions & Pregnancy. If you have concerns that you may not be able to fly please call us on 01865 415 777
You may also need to seek advice from your Doctor

Are there any reasons why you might stop me from flying?

The Operator will reserve the right to refuse any passenger from boarding the aircraft in the following circumstances:

  • Late arrival at the terminal
  • Failure to provide photo ID when required
  • When intoxicated
  • When displaying threatening or abusive behavior to our staff or towards any other passenger
  • Any other behaviour that may compromise the safety any or all passengers on-board or the pilot

If you are refused access to the flight, you will not be entitled to a refund

Is there anything I can't have in my possession on a flight?

Under current CAA guidelines, you are not permitted to take any of the following items onto the aircraft:

Acid, Poison, Flammable Liquids, Explosives, Matches, Lighters, Bleach, Incapacitating Sprays, Ignitable Gas Devices & Compressed Gas

For full details, please click here

Please make sure you leave all such items in the terminal – we reserve the right to search any clothing and/or bags taken on board