Route Map of Blenheim Express

Blenheim Express points of interest

1 Oxford London Airport
2 Woodstock (not overflown)
3 Blenheim Palace (not overflown)

From £89 per person on a shared flight
£535 for private use of the helicopter*

*maximum 6 passengers

Private Blenheim Palace Tour From Above

The Blenheim Express is a thrilling way to experience a helicopter flight and Blenheim Palace tour. You will see some of the landmarks around Oxford London Airport near Kidlington. The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Blenheim Palace, with its Baroque architecture, is a sight to behold as you soar through the skies near Woodstock.

An iconic national treasure

Situated in the stunning Oxfordshire countryside, the lavish Blenheim Palace was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987. The palace was designed by Sir John Vanbrugh in the English Baroque style, and built between 1705 and 1722. The aim was to create a public monument to symbolise the glory of Britain. 

It is the only non-episcopal, non-royal country house in the country to hold the title of palace and its sheer size and grandeur can only truly be appreciated from the sky. 

The palace is also achingly beautiful you will soar above the palace’s facade, taking in the dramatic skyline. You will also be able to see the stunning formal gardens, sprawling over 750 hectares.  

You will take off from Oxford London Airport which has excellent road transport links and is located equidistant between London and Birmingham. Take a look at our passenger information for details

A trip of a lifetime

This Blenheim Palace tour with an unparalleled view will be a truly memorable experience:

✔ Breathtaking architecture
✔ Steeped in rich history
✔ UNESCO World Heritage Site
✔ Formal gardens
✔ Surrounding countryside and the beautiful town of Woodstock
✔ Not far from London
✔ Nearby Cotswolds